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Choose between 420mg & 840mg of Delta-8-THC per bar.


*Disclaimer: This product is considered “psychoactive” and therefore WILL cause a “high” feeling. THC is not meant for those who are under 21, may be pregnant, or are nursing. Do not operate machinery or drive when partaking with this product. Please use responsibly.

*∆8THC, explained:

this class of cannabis products contains the THC cannabinoid. THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) is a principal cannabinoid found in cannabis. Cannabinoids are a term which refers to the various molecules & compounds found naturally across cannabis (common examples include CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, THC, and more). Unlike other prominent cannabinoids such as CBD, THC is psychoactive. THC comes in many molecular structures (called isomers) and have various effects. The most common THC isomers are Delta-8-THC (or ∆8THC), Delta-9-THC (or ∆9THC), and Delta-10-THC (or ∆10THC). ∆8THC is a cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis. ∆8THC can cause effects similar to ∆9THC in duration and intensity of the psychoactive effect, but the typical potency of ∆8THC is much less in comparison to ∆9THC, the more commonly known THC isomer.

Delta-8-THC Chocolate Bars


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