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If you’ve been having trouble finding a tincture that is right for you and may have tried CBD, but it's not enough to suit your needs? Look no further! Our Delta-8-THC tinctures are a favorite amongst our THC friendly community.


We recommend starting with a full dropper and increasing gradually by a 1/3 dropper full or as needed! (Give product several hours to “kick-in” before taking more)

*Disclaimer: This product is considered “psychoactive” and therefore WILL cause a “high” feeling. THC is not meant for those who are under 21, may be pregnant, or are nursing. Do not operate machinery or drive when partaking with this product. Please use responsibly.

Delta-8-THC | Tincture

  • This product contains:

    • CBD Distillate (from derived hemp)
    • Delta-8-THC Distillate (from derived hemp)
    • Unflavored MCT Oil

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